Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The spirit of Elijah!

Lumela lelapa laka! Sorry this letter was late! I was doing interviews with my President this week on Monday and it took our whole Zones P day but we love President too much so it's all good ;) haha
So, my new companion is Elder Jensen and he is from St. Johns and he is a hunter. He’s hunted a LOT. Makes me jealous haha but we get along real well. He has his thick Arizona accent and I have my girly sounding South African accent. That makes me jealous too...haha I love the guy though.
The work has been going really well lately. People are accepting the message a LOT!!! Our President has given us a new resource to use that they said we would be piloting. We are the first to use them. They are books to fill out family history. The brethren feel as if the internet is not available to some, so they will be providing a book that they can use to write down family history, I love these things. So I have been able to feel the spirit of Elijah as we do this work now and I would ask for my grandparents name and my great grandparents name so I can fill in my own booklet and then any stories or memories you have of them. I love this work!
So, I have been able to speak Zulu this week because we had ward conference and some Xhosa's came. They speak isixhosa which is similar to Zulu so we talked to each other. Other than that...I can understand some Sesotho and I can speak a little as well; enough to communicate as a little child hah.
OH!!!! I got to see the King this week at a funeral...He addressed us in the audience and it was super cool! He is a humble guy that acts just like everyone else. I couldn’t help but think about the difference I felt when Elder Bednar came. I love Lesotho sooooo much though. I am feeling a lot of stress from my responsibility but things are going good. I still love the people more than anything and this work is my tool to help them! I love this work! Have a good week! I love you all so much :)
Sharp Sharp!
Elder W. Clay Petrie

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