Monday, March 31, 2014

Help the Missionaries with the work!

Mom, I am soooooo happy with all those pictures and about the Women's Conference! :) It's so sweet!!  haha Eish. I miss you guys! Want to just come up here in 15 months? Time is FLYING!!! Lesotho is too cool. Time just goes. My companion is once again Elder Allen from Texas...aka my brother from another Mme. We really enjoy working together. The work is progressing and we are setting up some activities and ideas and centers of strength here. This work is so amazing. How is the ward back home? HELP THOSE MISSIONARIES WITH THE WORK! Chances are they care more for the growth of the ward than you do! Serious! Missionaries Pray and work and slave just to bring people unto Christ! Help them! Throwing food in there isn't too bad either! :P We really don't get that much here. 
How are you all? This week was nice. We were knocking on a door when we realized a pig (HUGE PIG) was out of it's pen....we talked to the Ntate (man) there and asked to help herd it back. I got a stick then and ran it back into the pen. My companion and I cornered it and tried to push it back but it reared up and charged my companion hahahaha I was laughing soooo hard but we managed to get it back in hahahaha :)  I have also been charged by a ram but he was on a chain so I stood just out of reach and laughed as it ran at me and hit the end of his chain  :P hahaha Oh animals....
So the YSA's (young single adults) are going to start doing couple visits with us every Sunday for two hours...they get the free date and ride and the spirit is invited too! What more could you want besides two spiritual giants sitting in the front seats ;) hahaha I ride in the back :) 
Has my package arrived yet?? Eish it takes forever!!!! I sent it January 7. 
I went to Bloemfontein this week too with the Carliles. (couple). He served here a long time ago and speaks Afrikaans. I am going to learn that language. It is really cool. I also  got to go to South Africa a little bit and it felt like home....I love you all sooooo much! Ngiyanithanda Kakhulu! Kelerata hahulu!!!!! :) 
Love, thanda, rata,
Elder Petrie

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