Monday, March 24, 2014

Fully Invested in the Work!

Wow, you’re right; I’m almost 20…where did the time go? Eish. Oh well...probably still going to play with army men scratch that...I WILL :P haha This time it will be Zulus versus Basotho ha.
So now I think I can say I know Sesotho. I can understand it. I can speak it. Not exactly like a native but I'm trying... I just had a talk in church and I talked about Faith and the need for acting on it so we can receive was pretty nice to address all at once instead of just individually.
The branch is growing and some groups may get started. We had a baptism for a very VERY powerful man that has been taught for 9 years.
To answer your question about the food we eat, we have a store we go to and the yes, the water is still bad, it tastes weird but I drink it anyways. Sometimes you pay for it, sometimes you don't haha.
 I don't really think I'll need a jacket guys...haha I'll just give it to an African. I'll just wear my Basotho blanket. Mom I'm wearing those boots now and also the hat haha.
Sooooo what's good? How is home? It seems so weird to think about home. It's like a dream but not…but it is…but it's not.....U Utloa? I don't either haha. It's weird to think I'm in the land of The Lion King haha
I love this work and I feel so fully invested in it. I am working very hard in Lesotho to see this place GROW!!!! I love you all sooooooo very much! Have a good week!!! Ngiyanithanda! Kealerata!!
Elder Petrie
 This is a picture from the Johannesburg MTC back in July 2013.

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