Monday, March 10, 2014

Having a lot of Success!

To answer your question, yes, they wear rubber boots here called Gum boots and I'm 
actually getting some today. 
You have to let me know when you get my package!!! 
 I love my companion soooooo much. He is leaving though. It's the middle of transfers but it's Presidents order. There was an Elder riding his bike in Leribe (another area in Lesotho) and he got in an accident and broke his arm. Since we drive a bakkie, he will be coming to me, so Elder Allen will replace him. We are both pretty bummed because we are getting along so well. The good thing is is that we will continue to keep in contact and hopefully even stay friends at home as well. This guy was such an awesome companion. Life is easy. So, I will be getting Elder Jensen who is also cool. He is from St. Johns Arizona and I rode on the bus with him up to Lesotho. 
So I tried to post pictures, but the computer here is lame sauce so it won't upload. 
We have been having A LOT of success with bringing people to the truth of the gospel here. Many are accepting the message and this place is really preparing to grow. I walked this week with an elder on exchanges and it was POURING. I didn't take an umbrella cause those are for girls, (haha), and by the end of the day we saw ONE person. I was walking through the puddles by the end of the day haha It was pathetic. Eish. Oh well. This week was pretty nice though!
 I love you all and hope you have a splendid week in the promise land. 
 Love you! Kealerata!
Elder Petrie

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