Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Have a Safe and Happy 2014!!

Happy birthday to Aunt Nene!!! :)
Hey! Phone calling was pretty cool! Tell Dad I’m sorry that we didn't get to talk long....I really really really really really really wanted to talk to him and my friends (other Elders) had to cheer me up cause I was so down about it. I had to borrow a phone that had airtime on it because of the phone requirements in Africa.... I miss you all! Transfers are this week...Have a nice week! I am going to send that package very very soon now so expect it in April :P hahah Love you!
Elder Petrie

(This portion is from Elder Petrie’s mom).
We had a great visit with Elder Petrie on Christmas Day. He was able to Skype at 5:00am, and call around 11:00am. He told us that his mission has humbled him quite a bit! He said that he is known for being the “fun” Elder. (All the other Elders want to be his companion), but that it doesn’t mean he does not do the work. He put it this way, “Just because I have fun doesn’t mean I don’t do the work, I find that everyone enjoys the work better when they are having fun!” Elder Petrie tends to live his whole life this way! J  He also said that his mission has changed him a lot! He loves South Africa and the people, and is working hard to teach them the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; the Plan of Salvation. He misses everyone back at home and sends his love. He would love to hear from all of you!
Merry Christmas and Have a safe and Happy New Year! J
Sherri Petrie

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