Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank you for the Christmas packages!

Hello everyone from America...I miss you. It is very hot here! I don't have much time today due to irregularities this morning. Sorry!
I did get to play soccer with some pretty cool guys in our district, and I got to see my past friends from my last zone including the great Elders Zsembery and Whiting! Haha.
I got in a car accident this week but everyone was OK. A driver pulled out in front of me so I hit the brake and swerved to get out of the way, but we still hit due to him continuing without noticing us on the road...eish such is Africa.
Sooo we have had some things happen this week. Not a lot but some. We taught a nice lesson on members helping missionaries and the people we taught with this inspired lesson were very touched. I know I’ve asked you before, but please help the missionaries find people to teach. Hasten this awesome work. I'm tired of tracting :P Haha. We also did a lot of service this week…a lot involving moving.
We are celebrating a holiday in Africa right now and the building I am in is shaking from the music outside and from the people dancing in the streets....Africa is a little different haha.
 I have also learned a LOT of patience and humility before the Lord this week…and Preach My Gospel is inspired...It helps not only with things pertaining to missionary work but it also helps us deal with matters of the heart.
Well, I don't have any time left. Sorry. I love you!!!! And miss you!!!
Elder Petrie
P.S. I am still diggin this Christmas package!  Hahaha :)

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