Monday, December 9, 2013

Speaking IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, and IsiSwati!

 MA!!!!!! I love you :) Wow......That (Christmas) package was crazy....I was like WOW!!! Now our boarding is like Christmassy and it is flippin awesome and I love it. Sooooo the wall in our front room is now covered in the pictures you sent and they all like it (all 8 of us) because it says Elder"s"!:P I can't even tell you how excited and happy and loved I felt from that package...How did you get EVERYONE to do that!! WOW! IT IS SOOOOO COOL! I CAN"T EVEN DESCRIBE IT!  hahaha
Sooooo. Umlazi is a township that is crowded with little shacks and it is like a jungle around. It's pretty cool :) You have to be aware of what you are doing, but if you greet everyone it isn't a problem :P Sooo we live 15-30 minutes away from Durban and I know this city really well so when I take you all here I can be a really cool tour guide, haha. So I am driving like an African now which means....I am driving so much WORSE, haha! But if you drive defensively you won't ever move....(see picture below)!
So the beloved 1st President of Mzansi has passed...Nelson Mandela has passed and everyone is missing him signs were everywhere saying, "Hamba Kahle Madiba" It was cool. That man is a great great man. He was a very forgiving man.
So this week we went and tracted A LOT! Eish. This area is still kinda dead but the resurrection will come soon, haha. I am still working to know this area so I can work with my members better.
My Zulu is improving and I even pray in Zulu in lessons sometimes if I'm feeling cultural :P haha, it's sweet though. My pig Latin is getting good too, cause I speak it with the other missionaries from America, haha. I may try to start learning Afrikaans but I already can speak IsiZulu and I can understand a little IsiXhosa and I can speak IsiSwati a little as well.Yep. Africa is pretty cool.
Oh! We had zone conference and that was pretty cool!!! :) We talked about working with the members. Please work with the missionaries cause I know the missionaries need help if they are anything like here...and since we are all children of God I know they are a lot like here.
Hey some funny questions I get...Was Jesus black? Do you worship these pictures of Jesus? Why do we have to wear clothes cause we only do because the white people came here and made us... :P Haha Why do I need to worry? I will never die! haha Will you marry me? haha Those are all heard often except the “I will never die”...that was just one crazy guy :P
Soooo I love you all and miss you...Thanks for the package and those awesome flippin pictures!!! Love you all! :) Stay Well!!!
Elder Petrie

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