Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 102 out of 104!

I love the thought of seeing you all again but it will break my heart to leave.......I may need a chocolate cake or something to make it better.....hahaha (Paul Blart)
So wow you are busy till I get home huh? That's awesome! It's so weird to think it's so close....I have much to still do...
So I would like to tell you of an awesome week :) So first we had zone conference. Elder Ellis a Seventy spoke about Isaiah 55: 8-9 how Heavenly Father's ways and thoughts are higher than ours, and how to receive the direction the Lord has for us.  Sister Ellis spoke on finding joy in the journey of our mission......My favorite part of Elder Ellis' talk was about how, "we can trust God." It hit me hard. We can trust him in all his promises, every single one. So I enjoyed it very well and then bore my last testimony about my favorite topic for missionaries....LOVE THE PEOPLE. I told them my story of how I came to do this very thing.
After that....V. left later in the week. :( I'll see him before I leave though. I wished him luck! So this Sunday we actually had some very nice things happen. I was able to sign (sign language) for priesthood meeting, I learned a lot too. But it was great cause the guys are so dang nice. But as well we had someone confirmed after being baptized.....VERY NICE! 
So a while ago I was with Elder P. in Kwwa Dukuza and we were teaching a member and her friend. The friend was from Umlazi and that's where I served, so I was like WOAH! I told her, “you should attend church there!” She came to church here a few times before she left then I sent the referral. I called her a month after to see how she was doing with church and she said she was going to be baptized. This week she visited our branch again, yo it was awesome, I was able to talk to a totally changed person. She was soooo converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ! I was happy :)
Well that is my week! I love you all!!!! 2 weeeeeeks!!! :)
I love you!

Elder Petrie

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