Monday, May 4, 2015

May the 4th Be with you . . . 2015!

Hello! YO mama I'm jealous of your temple work! I can't wait to go to the temple! :( LIKE REALLY CAN'T WAIT!!!
Hey Aunt Nene! Touch neh?! Hope she continues to get better!!!!!!
The meeting didn't happen cause the rain, but we are still working on the right date.
Hey soooo we met a lady the other day who had a problem with smoking and so we talked to her about it and she wants to stop, so we are going to have a class for her and her friends that want to quit. It should be fun :) 
So we also got to see the Priesthood Session of General Conference YO!  ( It was awesome!!! I liked every talk.
So we were street contacting the other day and when we were on a street corner a lady came and then just shook our hands.... which is strange cause usually we have to shove our hands out ;) hahaha it's GUMMMMM!!! haha But anyways she told us she was a member and has been looking for the church,  but as we were talking, a guy came around the corner and honked and stopped. She ran over and said, “Pastor!!!" then when we invited her to come this next Sunday she said she would have to go to her pastors church here next week.....EISH. So we are going to see what we can do there...The funny thing is that's not the first time that's happened....Haha people here get very attached to their pastors and want to continue going to a church just for them,...eish I mean I know I'm boring myself but this is the TRUE gospel.... haha
Well I love you! :) Have a nice week and I'll talk to you soon.... Skype?! I don't know.... we’ll see. Love you!!!
‪Elder Petrie
‪pic 1 My CURRY! :)
‪pic 2 My reading I'm not mocking my comp :) haha he gave them to me! hahaha 

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