Monday, July 29, 2013

Serving in Mpumalanga!

Ok...I have so much to tell. Here we go. The mtc was amzing and I said goodbye to all my mtc friends. I love President and Sister Reber. I got off the plane and President Zackrison and the assistance and Sister Zackrison were there to pick us up. I got told that I was going to serve in the great area of Mpumalanga. We went to the mission home and chilled for a bit and had interviews. After, my companion came! Igama laki u Elder Kinyaka. He is from Kenya! He is awesome. He has taught me so much already in the first week. We also have two roommates who are from America. Elder Luddington is a crack up and likes hunting like me :) Elder Zsembery is from New York Palmyra area and he is funny too! They're all awesome. So, I'm learning isiZulu and I speak it as much as I can! I learned how to sing the Circle of Life in Zulu as well. The beginning is in Zulu and I know what it's saying! hah My goal is to be fluent and I practice all the time!! I'm getting some traditional Zulu pants as well. We have been trying to catch a monkey as well. They have been succeful in the past but the monkeys have adapted to the trickery so we have to be more elaborate. We had one monkey we called Indiana Banana because we rigged the window to close (they come in the house) when he grabbed a banana but he escaped as the window closed! But, more importantly, the work of spreading the gospel is going forward. I confirmed a boy named Sandile in church sunday and my companion and I challenged another boy (21 y o) to be baptised and he accepted. So many more would be baptised but the word of wisdom and law of chastity is hard for this area. I am working in a township. Not as sophisticated as a city......It has a very humble people though. And they love white people that speak Zulu. The children always call out Umlungu!!! when they see me cause I'm the only white guy around and so I play with them a ton! One saw me and cried though haha probably thinking...HE IS DIFFERENT!! haha We got bunked by a ton of people but the Lord just kept leading us to new people all over! I love having the spirit! We just met two guys in the street and one was baptized but the other wasn't and he is ready to be and we haven't even challenged him! These saints walk an hour or so to get to church though! And they carry heaps of stuff on their heads!! We drive. We have such a huge area we couldn't walk all the time. I drive all of the time cause I have a license. I got used to driving here really quick! All the Elders including Elder Kinyaka in the boarding was saying I don't act like a greeny. I don't really get nervous. Haha so little kids love white people hair because it's so soft so they pet me like a dog! They also burn fields here just a huge random fire will be next to you ahah even right by houses. it's normal. and they have little fires on the side of the road. We joined a couple youth on the side of the road one night when there was a fire. The food here is different. But pretty good! It's tropical here!!! Like Okinawa but a different kind of tropical. green though everywhere!! And it's the dry season. They have crazy animals just walking around too. And people pee on the side of the road too anywhere...even in the middle of the road hah. So girls here really like white boys and missionaries (cause here we are vied as respected and important people.) So girls that are flirting we call snakes and stay away haha Everyone here is amazing though! Night can get a little sketch but it's all good! I have the Lord on my side. I love this Gospel. No way it is not true. If I was teaching this to people it would never lead them to Baptism. It's the spirit that converts the people to the gospel. Well I think that's it. I jumped around a lot but I wanted you to get the African experience haha Goodbye everyone! I love you!
Ngiya umthanda ubaba no mama wami.
Elder Petrie  

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