Thursday, July 11, 2013

Elder Petrie Arrives in S. Africa!

 So as I said. Sister Ellen is the lady I gave the book of Mormon to on the plane and I hope she really will read it and ask God if it’s true. It's a big leap of faith if she does cause last time I saw her she didn't believe in a God. How are you all back home? My flight to South Africa ended with a bunch of missionaries 5 or 6, waiting outside the tunnel that just got off and were on the same flight as me!! They are all from America and I played rugby against one of them in high school. He is pretty cool. Three are from Utah, 1 from Idaho (his dad is a potato farmer haha) and 1 from Mississippi and ME! ha We walked out together and there were a bunch of Elders that just came from Zimbabwe and a couple from South Africa, one from England too, plus two more that I don't know and one that came late from Kenya. They are all such strong elders. We make up the South Africa MTC. The brother in charge to pick us up is the BYU scrumhalf’s dad. Probably doesn't mean anything to you but I know his son a little!! Sorry mom, I don't want to come home already...It's amazing here. Everyone is a brother, elder or sister and it's awesome! I have a companion from Zimbabwe and his name is Elder Lipengah. He is awesome. Like really awesome. He is about 19 I think and is so humble. I love this place! I got interviewed by the president and he is such a humble man too. I got four extra shots. So I'm ready for Africa haha I feel so connected to these people! They're amazing. I got my tags by the way. Love you!

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